Frequently Asked Questions


How can I email you with questions?     Sorry but we can't accommodate email questions about the project right now.  You can find a lot of discussion about this and other related topics in the Yahoo "MegaBitty" discussion group.  I'll try to keep this site updated to reflect the questions I hear there.

Can I post my "Nano" picture to the Gallery page?     We're not quite ready to do that yet, but that's what the page is for and we welcome pictures of your nano project.  Our only requirement will be that the pictures are of high quality.  We will scale them to fit the page.  We will be posting instructions for sending pictures on the Gallery page as soon as it's ready. 

Can I get something added to the Links page?     For the sake of simplicity, I will be selecting the links for that page myself.  If you share your discovery of a great link on the discussion group, we'll check it out and add it here if appropriate.  We will be avoiding commercial links unless we feel they are particularly beneficial to our audience.

Most answers here seem like a "No"!  Why is that?     I apologize if I sound a little negative about some things here.  Please understand that this is just a hobby and even having this site at all is a lot of work.  If I don't make every effort to keep the demands of the site under control, I will end up shutting it down.



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