Submitting Nano Pictures


If you have built a Nano and would like to have us consider posting it in our Gallery, here is what we need:

1)  Please send a large original digital camera picture in JPEG format.  Please DO NOT make any adjustments to the picture (brightness, contrast, size, etc.).  We will enhance and crop your picture as needed for the Gallery.  Only large high quality (after enhancement) pictures will be accepted.  At this time, we can only accommodate one picture of each robot so please pick a good one that shows as much construction detail as possible.

2)  We need some text about your project.  You can refer to the existing postings for examples of what we want.  Feel free to compose the text yourself or you can just give us the facts and we'll turn it into a nice paragraph describing your robot in detail.  What most viewers want to see are technical details like what you used for drive, batteries, sensors, etc.  Try to include details about your project experience including such things as how long it took, what was hard or easy, cost, etc.  Include the kinds of things people often ask you about your bot.  Tell us if you want your contact information (email address) included in the text.

3)  Send the text and picture to me at this special address:   We'll get back to you if we have any questions.

 That's it!   Thanks... John Olson


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