The Amazing Tig-Bot Micro-Sumo!

      The Tig-Bot measures only 1.9" x 1.9" x 1.6"

Update on Status:  While the Tig-Bot was not originally built to be marketed, it has generated so much interest that we eventually decided to put it into production.  We no more than started that process and we discovered a serious defect in the Futaba micro-servos we were using.  As a result, production had to be put on hold.  Because the entire design was built around the mechanical characteristics of this particular servo, we were not able to just "drop in" a replacement.  We have now selected a better servo but still face doing a complete re-design of the circuit boards to accommodate it.  As a result, the fate of TigBot is up in the air and all plans are currently on hold. We appreciate your interest and hope that you will stop back here from time to time to check for progress. If you would like to drop us an email. ,we'll let you know if we are moving forward again.

Sound interesting?  Click here to download a Preliminary Information Sheet (pdf).

2004 Tigerbotics