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  "Chiisai" by Scott Davis

"Chiisai" has the honor of being the "First" nano-sumo!  Scott's pioneering effort building Chiisai was long and tedious.  It took more than two months to complete.  This first design utilized a single line sensor which has had some trouble running off the sumo board.  Scott has since resolved this problem with an improved line sensor design.  The robot drive train is based on highly modified Combat DigiQ gears and motors.  The bots 96:1 gear ratio puts it's power to the board with hacked slotcar tires and wheels.  Scott describes the tires as having "almost illegal" traction!  Haven proven his design  with this robot, Scott is already hard at work on Chiisai-II which will feature additional innovations including dual line sensors, custom gearbox, custom wheels, and a further size reduction of about 1mm!  Scott will be given the honor of introducing the first ever Nano Competition at RoboMaxx 2003 in Grants Pass, Oregon.  

Here are some of Chiisai's main components:

Sharp IS471 proximity detectors,  3mm infrared LED's,  Hamamatsu P5587 photo reflectors,  MegaBitty controller,  1/3CR 3 volt Lithiums,  Hacked slotcar wheels,  Modified Combat DigiQ gears and motors.


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"Nano-Scoop" by Casey Holmes

"Nano-Scoop" was built to compete at RoboMaxx 2003 in Grants Pass, Oregon.  Casey says the name Nano-Scoop was decided on for obvious reasons!  The robot is built around Monty Goodson's Atmel Mega-8 based "MEGAbitty" robot controller board.  The infrared seeker, line sensors, and chassis components are all custom made.  The robot's drive train consists mainly of parts liberated from GWS Pico-BB servos.  The wheels are made from printed circuit board material and feature O-Ring tires.  Before RoboMaxx, the robots external power connector (small pins sticking out on top) will be removed, and the 5mm IR LEDs will be replaced with smaller 3mm parts to provide more battery room.  The current batteries will be replaced by Kokam Lithium Polymer rechargeable types in the final configuration.  Casey intends to make all the parts for Nano-Scoop available to other builders when it's perfected.  If you are interested in any of these parts, you can email Casey at or

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